Armed Assault (Multiplayer Online Tactic Shooter)

Release Date: Q4 2006 / Plattform: PC   

Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio S.R.O. / Publisher: n/a / Official Game Website

Armed AssaultIt has been many years, but the wait is finally (almost) over.
Bohemia Interactive, the creators of Operation Flashpoint bring us a military shooter featuring large, vast environments challenging players to explore and make strategic use of as they infiltrate and engage in combat on enemy soil.

Sahrani Island, 100 square kilometers in size, is the fictional location where two nations, one a democracy (south) and one a dictatorship (north), are getting into an armed conflict. The player's role is that of an US infrantry soldier who finds himself in the middle of a war - assisting the democratic south in defending their country.

In the finest tradition of Operation Flashpoint ArmA will focus on realism, teamplay, vast terrains and a dynamically generated battlefield. It takes advantage of the latest video card technology and comes with a full fetched mission editor. Having said that, it should be clear that ArmA's graphic capabilities will not even come close to what CRYSIS promises to deliver. But does it really matter?

Jiri Rydl, Marketing Manager says:
"And we don't forget about the large and always supportive community of loyal fans, which certainly should have more tools to create their own modifications for ArmA "

Hello, is anyone at Novalogic listening?


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