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Latest News
13.09.2015 Lobby Fixes (Posted by devilsclaw)
12.07.2015 DFAF's is it coming !?? (Posted by OLDFOX)
15.05.2015 F-22 Lightning update . (Posted by OLDFOX)
25.12.2014 Merry Christmas From Dave Skylark and Kim jong un (Posted by Smokin@420.BUD)
26.09.2013 AMD FX 8.249Ghz (Posted by redrµm)
20.09.2013 WarFace ( Free ) From Crytek (Posted by redrµm)
18.09.2013 This looks like fun (Posted by Smokin@420.BUD)
26.08.2013 New - Americas Army - Proving Grounds . (Posted by OLDFOX)
13.08.2013 Novas server maintenance . (Posted by OLDFOX)
02.05.2013 Latest from Nova's - AppleBowl and Armored Fist Blog . (Posted by OLDFOX)

Lobby Fixes
DF 1 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: DF1_Lobby_fix.zip

DF 2 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: DF2_Lobby_fix.zip

MiG-29 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: MIG29_Lobby_fix.zip

Armored Fist 3 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: AF3_Lobby_fix.zip

09/14/2015 Last updated

Also fixed MIG29 Download link

I will update this list as I fix more of the games.
Posted by devilsclaw
on 13.09.2015 at 22:44  hours.

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DFAF's is it coming !??
Posted on NovaWorld by Staff and never any follow up ....

Just thought the community may be interested in our CEO's response to one of our fans:

Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

We have never forgotten our fans. This is why we have been working very long hours for several years to bring you a totally new experience and a game that won't disappoint.

We are very close to officially starting Beta testing the "Angel Falls" project (we will be looking for a fair number of testers). We are currently at Alpha, and our current focus is game-play.

I can tell you that this game plays better than any product we have ever created and we will keep on refining it until its release later this year. If you liked DF and Joint Ops, you will like Angel Falls. Managing communications with the fans is a tricky proposition, and I will not be responding again through this e-mail, but feel free to pass this on.

Thank you for your loyalty.


John A. Garcia


Posted by OLDFOX
on 12.07.2015 at 00:40  hours.

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F-22 Lightning update .

Garica Dusting Off His Programming Skills? Refining Older Titles With Improved Multi-Player Connectivity and HD Support…

The F-22 Lightning 3 Update Can be Found Here: http://novalogic.com/download/l3upd8.exe


Download Description

F22 Lightning3- Preview Beta THIS IS A PREVIEW BETA


Improved video support
16×9 HD modes – more stability
Improved multiplayer connectivity
Bug fixes


Download file l3upd8.exe and copy to game directory “program files(x86)\NovaLogic\F-22 Lightning 3” MAKE SURE GAME IS NOT RUNNING Run “l3upd8.exe” as administrator Open L3.exe from Explorer window Agree to: NovaLogic User Agreement Set “Options” Play.

Note: If you receive “Could not create file…” error, make sure all game instances and processes are stopped.

Send comments to: F22L3Comments@novalogic.com

What's this more fund raising ?
Posted by OLDFOX
on 15.05.2015 at 23:39  hours.

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Merry Christmas From Dave Skylark and Kim jong un
Merry Christmas to all

Click HERE ===>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE5vZ9c2X70&feature=em-upload_owner#action=share
Posted by Smokin@420.BUD
on 25.12.2014 at 12:29  hours.

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AMD FX 8.249Ghz
just saw this for the firs time lol .. wow

AMD FX BULLDOZER 8 Core Processor overclocked @ 8.429 GHz.

Posted by redrµm
on 26.09.2013 at 18:11  hours.

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WarFace ( Free ) From Crytek
Posted by redrµm
on 20.09.2013 at 20:03  hours.

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This looks like fun
Posted by Smokin@420.BUD
on 18.09.2013 at 21:58  hours.

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New - Americas Army - Proving Grounds .
Take a look HERE

Coming August 29th]

Posted by OLDFOX
on 26.08.2013 at 01:23  hours.

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Novas server maintenance .
Posted on Twitter ....
NovaLogic ‏@NovaLogicInc
Will be conducting server maintenance starting today. Can expect intermittent service over the next few days, will notify when complete.
Posted by OLDFOX
on 13.08.2013 at 13:01  hours.

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Latest from Nova's - AppleBowl and Armored Fist Blog .
NovaLogic .

Monday, April 15, 2013

Polling for the last week is in!
AppleBowl and Armored Fist will be updated shortly to this new rotation.

Applebowl Top 6:
Kutu Arms Market
Tanah Highlands
Dormant Volcano Island
Palu Rice Cut Paddies
Keococoa Crossroads
Sungai Save Lumbermill

Armored Fist Top 6:
Muntok Plains
Sulawa Spaceport
Chemical Weapons facility
Atoll tracking station
Klaatu mines
Sukong Oil Fields

Monday, April 8, 2013

Polling results are in for this week!

Applebowl Top 6:
Kutu Arms Market
Tanah Highlands
Kubong Island Bridge
Flooded Village
Sungai Save Lumbermill
Dormant Volcano Island

Armored First Top 5:
Atoll Tracking Station
Kota Jiwi Ruins
Klaatu Mines
Kendari Airport
Berkabut Valley
Chemical Weapons Facility


Monday, April 1, 2013

First week's results are in!

Armored Fist Top 5:
Berkabut Valley
Chemical Weapons Facility
Atoll Tracking Station
Kota Jiwi Ruins
Klong River Slums

Applebowl Top 6:
Kubong Island Bridge
Tanah Highlands
Gila Marsh
Berdarah Island
Kutu Arms Market
Twin Islands
Posted by OLDFOX
on 02.05.2013 at 11:25  hours.

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